Project Description

Cosyra Legal, is a law firm offering personalized legal services in the Maltese Islands at highest professional standards to local and international clients.

The identity of the law firm symbolises the philosophy of the founders. Their practice is represented through effective use of semiotics. The new identity is also the result of a merger where the partners moved into new premises and the studios was entrusted with the evolution of the firm’s identity by furnishing the new office space. Key collateral and communication was also produced and consulted by the studios. Cosyra Legal ident is also reflected through the various everyday use in the advocate’s practice, and besides who does not love a hot brewed cup of coffee with their signature mark on it every morning!

Client: Cosyra Legal

Industry Type: Legal Services

Audience: est. 30,000+

Project Type: #branding #collateral #office #signage #socialmedia #personalisation #consultation #pr